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The Breakfast Club

12 Apr denim-1I’m an early riser. Which means that breakfast is early, too. Thankfully there are places like Yogi-sthaan in Bangalore that open real early and serve up some wonderful food. So if you wake up early on a cold, post-rain Bangalore morning, how would you dress for a day that’s bound to get much warmer, very quickly?

12 Apr denim-3

Here’s my answer. The denim jacket. Thick enough to keep morning chills away, thin enough to keep you from turning into a sweaty mess. A menswear staple no matter where you are, the denim jacket can be a great alternative to usual outerwear options like a blazer.

12 Apr denim-2

Light blue, Navy or Black are great colors to start with when picking a denim jacket. My idea here was to have the outfit get lighter in color as the eye moves outward starting with the dark shirt, finishing with white sneakers. Never shooting white shoes on white backgrounds again.

12 Apr denim-5

Someone I met in an elevator recently asked me why I was wearing a tie with a short sleeved shirt. Good question. Short sleeved shirts are not dress shirts but if layered intelligently, no one can tell. Also its a great way to beat the heat and when paired with a skinny tie, makes you look much better than the expected salesman/nerd in old music video look.
12 Apr denim-4Wearing sneakers with everything is big now, but people forget to give credit where its due. Horribly dressed rappers and basketball stars have been wearing Jordans with formals to black tie events since the early 2000s. Granted wearing minimalist sneakers like Stan Smiths or Common Projects Achilles is a far cry from the chunky footwear of those days but hey, respect to the originators. As far as sneakers go, I feel that Nike Air Force Ones embody the¬†archetype. Listen to Nelly. Coke white AF1s can round off almost any outfit for any occasion. Maybe not every occasion. But you get the point. Wearing sneakers with formals ¬†is a tough move and you do not want to look like you are an accountant going for a run. So don’t wear beaten up running shoes or anything that’s overly embellished. Keep it simple and on the down low. As in low cut sneakers. Use invisible socks, show some ankle, it’s all good.

12 Apr denim-6

Ending with one of my photographers signature shots ,(you can check out Bhagya’s instagram at, I hope that this lengthy post was informative and concise. Some cool collaborations coming soon, so stay tuned folks.

Denim Jacket from People ((

Denim shirt from Topman (

Tie from Splash (

Sneakers from Nike (

Location Courtesy:

North Goa – 12 Hours.

Goa 1 day-4

Travel is a very personal thing. Some people like to take it slow, exploring places on foot, savoring moments while relishing local delicacies. But some others like me prefer to zip from location to location, strapped for time, taking in only the best sights and trying to be efficient with what time they have. Best part about this is readers, is that you get to read and see everything important so you can take your time when you go to the same place! So I did a quick runabout in North Goa while I was there this weekend on a beautiful red Vespa VX.
Goa 1 day-16

At around 8 am I started from Panjim bus stand and made my way to Old Goa to check out some churches. The Church of Bom Jesus and The Se Cathedral are both massive but it’s the relics contained within that interested me more. Priestly robes that wouldn’t be out of place in a Versace collection from the 90s, huge paintings and pillars that have winged angels carved into them, all under one roof. Another must visit place is the Museum of Christian Art where you can find some more Christian relics and artifacts like this peacock statue below. It’s great to see some very¬†intricate metalwork and carvings from a completely different age.
Goa 1 day-19

If you are not a fan of crowded beaches, you can simply skip Baga and Calangute and head straight to Anjuna, which is a rocky beach. I had lunch at the Apple Martini Cafe, which is a cafe on the cliff above Anjuna, with a striking blue/white color scheme and many friendly puppies! Amazing 360 degree view of the sea from up there.

 Goa 1 day-37

Next stop: Vagator Beach. Not far from Anjuna, Vagator is a beautiful curved beach with a few rocky outcrops.

Goa 1 day-38

Chapora fort, near Vagator is a great viewpoint. Only the outer walls of this fort are still standing and there is a short trek up a steep slope that leads up to the fort and another short walk that leads to the edge of the cliff on which the fort has been built. Chapora is like a frying pan in the midday sun but it does give you this awesome view!

  Goa 1 day-43

Goa’s beaches are all in a straight line and one long road leads to them all. The next one I went to, and the best among them all, Arambol beach is about 20 kilometers from Vagator. The reason I like Arambol the best is because it houses some nice art peppered around the landscape and also the lake! There is a ‘Sweetwater’ lake nestled in a grove of trees you can find if you walk along the beach for a bit. Walk a bit more and you will enter a jungle where you can find a large banyan tree, usually surrounded by people practicing Yoga and meditating. Also it was the least crowded of all the beaches.

 Goa 1 day-45

Thoroughly drained I made my way back to Panjim where I had one final stop to make. The Gitanjali Art Gallery where I found some amazing art and photographs from all kinds of artists. You can also have some great food at the Panjim Inn, that’s right opposite the gallery.¬†Goa 1 day-51

Riding along the riviera around sunset is a treat, watching the casino ships and smaller boats bob in the water as the sky changes hues every second. Santa Cruz is a small neighborhood that has many colorful (blue, yellow and even mint) and well built houses in small lanes.  A treat for lovers of vintage architecture. Though my heart yearned to keep that red Vespa and ride away to the rest of the beaches in the South, I was out of time and made my way to the bus back home.

So I managed to go to six beaches, one fort and an art gallery in Goa in 12 hours. Without feeling rushed. A day well spent I must say.

View the full gallery of images here.

bhane. love

Walking into Church Street Social that Sunday morning, the last thing on my mind was a photoshoot. What I wanted to do was to eat some ice-cream and check out bhane’s SS15 collection.

But once I had dug into the delicious caramel ice cream and began to talk clothes with the amiable folk from bhane, I inadvertently got myself into a photoshoot and did three looks with them and here they are.


Forget everything here and look at those kicks. The new Nike Air Max Zero’s really stand out don’t they? And they are super comfy too! Just this new ‘tazo’ shirt from bhane. Made in three different fabric blends, its light ,comfy and perfect for the blazing summer that is upon us now. ¬†The best thing about pieces from bhane is that they are easy to pair as you will see by the end of this post. With a differently patterned tie and chinos, it makes for a nice smart casual look.


Pictured here is the Stone wash grey tazo shirt with some chino shorts and my koovs chukka boots. The green sole on these really lends some pop to the outfit. This is my favorite look from this series because it exudes ease and would work great for a weekend brunch situation, one that we seem to end up in more often nowadays, or just an evening out on the town.


And in the final look here you can see me¬†trying to smile. Doesn’t work. But let me draw your attention to the little bhane accessory on my chest. Yes bhane makes accessories for men and they have a lovely range of pins to choose from. A nice to way to embellish your outfits and stand out a little isn’t it? Checked shirts are a must have in any mans wardrobe and can be paired effortlessly.

A year ago when I stumbled upon the bhane website and bought this paisley shirt that I still wear a lot, I knew that there was a lot more to come from this brand and they have delivered yet again. Whether its basic tees you are looking for or dress shirts, they have it all and more, in fabric that feels great on you. And being the friendly folk that they are, I feel that buying a bhane piece makes you part of a family of sorts. Come on, they give out free ice cream at pop-up shops. Doesn’t get better than that does it? So head over to the bhane website and check out some clothes from my favorite Indian brands.

Apparel from bhane (

Chukka boots from Koovs (

Air Max Zero sneakers from Nike (

Stranger x Suede


I despise the rain. But there was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to do a quick shoot in this new Hunter x Hunter themed tee from Garble. Shooting in between spells of rain is an interesting way of testing the limits of your creativity and ability to make do with the time/place you have on hand.


Here’s a closer look at the tee itself. Great fabric and print quality make this a good deal, not to mention the amazing original artwork. I am not a graphic t-shirt guy, but the few I do own have images that represent something I hold dear. And Hunter x Hunter was one of my favorites growing up, with its amazing character development, humor and art.

Here’s a bit more about Garble, the makers of this snazzy tee. Garble was started by 3 friends to cater to Anime lovers, TV show fanatics, movie buffs and geeks alike through creative designs that fans of the specific show/game/film would recognize right away but would also capture the attention of normal folk who can¬†appreciate the art for what it is. You can check out more of their goods at¬†


I feel like these socks were made for this outfit, perfectly mirroring the green/black theme up above. Rain makes for pretty reflections doesn’t it?


Layering a leather/PU jacket over a t-shirt and jeans always works. Perforated leather jackets like this one from Zara also help beat the heat, while helping you exude that biker cool. I really need to get around to watching the Hunter x Hunter reboot and I think you should too!

Jacket from Zara (

T-Shirt from Garble (

Black Skinny Jeans from Stanley Kane (

Brogues from Clarks (

What’s up, Tiger Lily?

5 Apr Tiger-1

Just looking up at someone shouting down at me, not posing see. So, summer is in full swing in Bangalore, India and this means buttoning up is becoming harder for me. Though the casual side of my wardrobe needs a lot of work, I am getting there, and with sportswear trending nowadays, I decided to get myself these comfy drop crotch joggers and a pair of slip-ons. Paired with this rad Zebra print sweatshirt, they make for an interesting combo that will turn heads when you step out. On cool nights that is.

5 Apr Tiger-2

Meet Alan, my friend’s cat. He despises me with every fibre of his being. But I love him and he made a good prop.

5 Apr Tiger-3

Clothes are getting comfier as the years go by. The skinny fit days are going out and although I don’t see us going back to JNCO style, cover-your-shoes baggy denim days, fits are getting more loose and free. A simple hoodie, sweatshirt and sneaker combo may have been called slackers clothing not long ago but today, with major designers like Alexander Wang coming out with full blown sports luxe collections, such a look can even be called dapper. However I wouldn’t recommend wearing sweatpants to work yet. Also shooting in traffic is hazardous.

5 Apr Tiger-4Whether casual or formal, shoes can make or break an outfit. This is my first pair of slip-ons and I am quite pleased with myself for finding something that complements another piece in my wardrobe, tackiness be forgiven. Any good pair of OG runners or sneakers can finish off an outfit like this well too. But make sure they are clean and don’t look like you’ve run trails in them. You don’t have to make a statement all the time, see. Like Apollo said, you’ve got to have the eye of the tiger man, the edge!

Sweatshirt from Threshold

Tiger Motif Slip-ons from Koovs (

The Deer Hunter

29 Mar Camo-1

Nick Wooster¬†(, is one of my fashion gods. Somehow anything he wears from short suits to camo everything, just clicks. So here’s a look inspired by ‘The Woost’.

29 Mar Camo-2

Menswear gurus say camo is like animal print for men. I wear animal prints too however, why let women have all the fun eh? You can treat camo pants just like you would a pair of khaki/olive trousers. This helps when trying to figure out what to pair them with. Remember that there are many kinds of camo: Urban, Woodland, Oceanic, Digital etc.

29 Mar Camo-3

I went with a vintage Arrow shirt in a polyester blend for this look. Some say that poly shirts do not work in summers but if you can find one with an open weave like this one, you will find that it is more breathable than a similar pure cotton shirt. To make things a bit more exciting, go with a fun, yet understated tie like this herringbone weave polka dot number you see here. Finish things off with a slim tie bar to avoid flapping ties.

29 Mar Camo-4

Tan suede boots are about as military as you can be without being uncomfortable and the green sole on these really makes the outfit pop, maybe a little too much.29 Mar Camo-5

As far as outerwear goes for this outfit, a simple black blazer will do wonders. Like Nick says, ‘Business up top, Party down below.’ Words to live by for all you men out there looking to be dapper.

Mandarin collar jacket from Mast & Harbour (

Vintage Shirt from Arrow (

Tie from Code

Camouflage Chinos from Code 61 (

Suede Chukkas from Koovs (